Banishing The Bottle With Silasip

#ad Meet James, my 23 month old blonde bundle of mischief. James's favourite things in order of importance are; his bottle, chocolate brioche rolls, fire engines and dinosaurs. James We have tried to wean James from his bottle with little success, it has proved much more difficult this time round as we just haven't had … Continue reading Banishing The Bottle With Silasip

By order of the Picky Fussing Eaters

So, at age 3 Stanley adopted a Brummy accent, started wearing a flat cap and refused to eat anything new, or in fact anything that he had liked the day before. If we didn't comply with his unreasonable requests then we were 'taught a lesson' with screaming, tantrums, hunger strikes and our premises even got … Continue reading By order of the Picky Fussing Eaters