Welcome to Dirt, Diggers and Dinosaurs!!

I’m Emma, wife to ginger Yorkshireman Ben and Mummy to Stanley, James and Eli…yes, we fall into that weird grey area that is a family of five!

I own a lot more pj’s than going out clothes, keep chickens, drink gin and have a mostly positive approach to life.

We’re lucky enough to live in a small town within the Staffordshire Moorlands, on the edge of the beautiful Peak District.

Follow me for tales of our day to day activities, joyous moments, massive Mum fails and life from a small terraced house with too many boys living in it.

My recipe for this blog is much the same as my approach to life itself…random, mixed with a handful of humour, and more than a sprinkling of sarcasm thrown in for good measure.

I hope you enjoy reading!