Birth Story 3: The Return of the Rush

Eli arrived at 8.29am on Sunday 21st Oct, weighing a healthy 8lb. As promised here's my third birth story... The Start I was rudely, but not at all surprisingly woken up at 4am Sunday morning by pained cries from James, who was either clearly being mauled by a tiger or possessed by a demon. I … Continue reading Birth Story 3: The Return of the Rush

Dinovember: A RAWWRRsome Idea!!

This is something I came across last year, I can't really remember how. But chances are I probably Googled or searched Pinterest for 'dinosaur play ideas' because believe it or not, my life REALLY is that exciting!! Little did I know, I'd stumbled across an imagination invasion that was started by husband & wife team … Continue reading Dinovember: A RAWWRRsome Idea!!

By order of the Picky Fussing Eaters

So, at age 3 Stanley adopted a Brummy accent, started wearing a flat cap and refused to eat anything new, or in fact anything that he had liked the day before. If we didn't comply with his unreasonable requests then we were 'taught a lesson' with screaming, tantrums, hunger strikes and our premises even got … Continue reading By order of the Picky Fussing Eaters