The Kindness Elves: An Introduction

#ad The last few weeks of my pregnancy marked a noticeable change in my eldest's behaviour. Although excited about the new baby's imminent arrival, I had noticed that Stanley was becoming short tempered, easily frustrated (when playing with James) and very argumentative, especially with me. There have been big changes in his life and routine … Continue reading The Kindness Elves: An Introduction

By order of the Picky Fussing Eaters

So, at age 3 Stanley adopted a Brummy accent, started wearing a flat cap and refused to eat anything new, or in fact anything that he had liked the day before. If we didn't comply with his unreasonable requests then we were 'taught a lesson' with screaming, tantrums, hunger strikes and our premises even got … Continue reading By order of the Picky Fussing Eaters