…yep, another boy is due to join our tribe in Oct!!

Let’s just say that this one was a SURPRISE, one that has taken quite a bit of getting used to. I thought I would do some happy baby related reading up, but it seems having three changes EVERYTHING and is akin (according to some) to some kind of Japanese water torture, so I abandoned all ‘research’ and decided to just go with it.

I’ve (sadly) embraced the fact that I’m going to have two little ones waking up in the night and possibly the eldest too as Stanley’s only just regularly started sleeping through at 4 years old (a long 4 years that have added roughly 10 years to my appearance!). A concept that my husband is unable to comprehend as he doesn’t do the night time get ups and he can sleep through anything…as last night’s nightmare and teething induced sycronised crying proved!! I love my husband very much but admittedly have regularly thought about smothering him to death in this sleep deprived fog of hatred towards the snoring lump lying besides me.

We’ve already changed my car over to a 7 seater fun bus that can easily fit 3 car seats across the back seat and also accommodate a Nana and a Grandma too. And the double buggy has been purchased and is waiting patiently in the shed.

I’m now 31 weeks pregnant and I’m beginning to feel a bit nervous but also excited, I keep watching Stan and James playing together (and by playing together I mean James tormenting Stanley) and get that lovely bubbly feeling inside imagining a another chubby little hand grabbing a train from the track Stanley has built.

This pregnancy has been a bit of a roller coaster so far, I’ve struggled more physically as the smaller age gap between James and this one has meant that James is too young to understand the meaning behind mummy’s big tummy. I’m climbed all over daily and still need to pick up/carry and cuddle him on demand. Stanley on the other hand is now very aware of what’s going on, he’s an old hand at this and will kiss and cuddle my tummy and ask questions about his baby brother to be. Bedtime is not something I look forward to despite being exhausted and achy. James still wakes regularly and I struggle to roll out of bed and head downstairs (we are in the attic) to see to him. I’ve also been suffering with sciatica and camping out on the sofa has been my preferred bedtime routine for the last week or so. However, I’ve picked up a full body maternity pillow from my sister today, so I’m hoping this will be my sleep saviour!

On the flip side to the physical gripes, I’ve appreciated every little flutter, kick and now full on somersault from within my tummy this time around. My hand automatically finds its way to resting on my tummy while I’m watching TV to feel every wiggle, evenings are ‘our time’ together where I can solely concentrate of being pregnant. My daytime is a blur of activity with the other two and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Knowing that this is the last time I’ll get to experience this has made it all the more special. I also find myself inwardly talking to him when things are getting crazy (again) on the outside….just you wait little man, you might be all snug and cosy now but you’ve got to come out and join this chaotic circus in a few weeks…just you wait!!

And that’s when the FEAR hits me!!


5 responses to “So, We Made a Trilogy…”

  1. Dirt, Diggers and Dinosaurs Avatar

    Ha ha I’m far from super mum…super tired maybe?!? In a way it’s good having the other two to keep me busy, otherwise I think I’d be at the stage where I was living 24/7 in my pj’s. Xx


  2. adventuresofmamabone Avatar

    I have no idea how you are doing pregnancy with two boys already. You must be super mum! The part about smothering your husband made me laugh. So true! I have the same thoughts regularly!

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      1. adventuresofmamabone Avatar

        Take a look at my blog and follow if you like 🙂


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