Banishing The Bottle With Silasip

This is a collaborative post. Meet James, my 23 month old blonde bundle of mischief. James's favourite things in order of importance are; his bottle, chocolate brioche rolls, fire engines and dinosaurs. James We have tried to wean James from his bottle with little success, it has proved much more difficult this time round as … Continue reading Banishing The Bottle With Silasip

Christmas Craft: Gingerbread Friends by toucanBox

Anyone who knows me in real life will know I love a bit of art and craft, and my boys love getting stuck in with paint, glue, glitter and the like...basically anything that can get messy! We were sent a festive toucanBox, which was a complete surprise for Stanley when it came through the letter … Continue reading Christmas Craft: Gingerbread Friends by toucanBox

The Hullabaloo by Taffy Thomas: A Review

This week I was sent a free children's book to download, no this wasn't a perk of blogging...I actually came across a sponsored post on Facebook asking if I'd like a free copy. I messaged back and the book appeared in my inbox. You're probably thinking where's the catch? Well, there isn't one. Taffy Thomas … Continue reading The Hullabaloo by Taffy Thomas: A Review

Dinovember: A RAWWRRsome Idea!!

This is something I came across last year, I can't really remember how. But chances are I probably Googled or searched Pinterest for 'dinosaur play ideas' because believe it or not, my life REALLY is that exciting!! Little did I know, I'd stumbled across an imagination invasion that was started by husband & wife team … Continue reading Dinovember: A RAWWRRsome Idea!!