Our visit to The Lanterns at Chester Zoo

This year, I feel like I've skipped a couple of months somehow. November came around far too quickly and suddenly we're into December and up until now I haven't felt at all ready for the Christmas period. So, in order to try and get into the festive spirit I started looking into activities we would … Continue reading Our visit to The Lanterns at Chester Zoo

Dinovember ’18: The Story So Far…

So, now that we are more than halfway through the month of Dinovember I thought I'd give you a round up of what our dinos have been getting up to. If you're thinking what the Triceratops is Dinovember then click here to read more. This year we've learned that the dinosaurs can't escape from our … Continue reading Dinovember ’18: The Story So Far…

Dinovember: A RAWWRRsome Idea!!

This is something I came across last year, I can't really remember how. But chances are I probably Googled or searched Pinterest for 'dinosaur play ideas' because believe it or not, my life REALLY is that exciting!! Little did I know, I'd stumbled across an imagination invasion that was started by husband & wife team … Continue reading Dinovember: A RAWWRRsome Idea!!

By order of the Picky Fussing Eaters

So, at age 3 Stanley adopted a Brummy accent, started wearing a flat cap and refused to eat anything new, or in fact anything that he had liked the day before. If we didn't comply with his unreasonable requests then we were 'taught a lesson' with screaming, tantrums, hunger strikes and our premises even got … Continue reading By order of the Picky Fussing Eaters