You may recall that I’ve partnered with Zimplikids before, back in early January we tried out their Snoball Play pack and had a great time having a snowball fight up at our local park. Read more about it here.

We were sent two more Zimplikids products to use and this time we got a bit creative. Now, if there’s one thing that my boys know how to do it’s make a mess, so having ‘permission’ to do just that with a messy play session is guaranteed to go down well. They jumped straight in.

Gelli Snow

As you know we generally like getting out and about if the weather is behaving and sometimes even if it’s not. However, storm Gareth let us know he’d arrived in spectacular fashion with 40mph winds and horizontal rain. I decided that once I’d caught up with the housework we’d have an afternoon of sensory dinosaur play!

Yaay for dinosaurs, as always they’re a firm favourite so now all that was required was some multi coloured lava for them to play in…everyone knows that dinosaurs love a volcano, right?

As we’d already had fun playing with snow I repurposed our pack of Gelli Snow Rainbow for this activity.

Each pack contains 4 sachets of snow and easy to follow instructions. We had red, blue, green and purple. I made up three sachets (leaving a fourth for another time) using slightly less water than the instructions stated so that the texture was more ‘crumbly’. I then split the different colours of Gelli Snow ‘lava’ between two trays and spread it out evenly to completely cover them. I got a few of our dinosaurs out of the toy box and added some spoons and we were all set up.

Our set up, complete with baby spectator

Dinosaur themed clothing is optional, but we are nothing if not truly commited to a theme!

Feeding time in dino land

There was some dinosaur feeding and squishy stomping about.

The extra water made a prehistoric pool

To mix things up a bit after half an hour, I filled a jug with water and poured some onto each tray to make a ‘prehistoric pool’.

Prehistoric paddling

This created an extra texture as the Gelli Snow slowly absorbed the extra water and the boys enjoyed stirring it in once the dinosaurs had been for a paddle.

Rexy seemed to enjoy it too!

If you love the idea of dinosaur sensory play take a look at
Zimplikids Gelli Worlds -Dino Pack which has everything you need to set up a dino scene, plus the inflatable tray that’s included means that it can also be used in the bath.

Slime Baff

Talking of baths (seamless, I know!) the next product we tried out was Slime Baff this was on a separate day though…I don’t like cleaning THAT much!

Again the packet contained a sachet of ‘magic powder’ (according to Stanley) that promised to turn our bath water into bright green gooey slime. I still don’t fully understand why slime is now ‘a thing’ but it really is, and I had two excited boys to prove it! I filled the bath to the recommended depth, sprinkled on the powder and gave it a quick stir around with my hand. After around 10 minutes we definitely had a bath full of green goo!

Both of my boys are wearing trunks in the following photos.

That face!

Judging by James’s expression once he was in, I imagine the slime felt a bit strange and well, slimy!

Stringy slime

We used some bath cup toys to scoop up the slime and watched it slowly turn into seeping sticky stringy slimy stuff!

I was expecting a strong smell because of the almost fluorescent green colour of the slime but it actually had a pleasant fragrance.

Looking to big bro for tips!

My only word of warning is that the slime (unsurprisingly) is VERY slippery. It wasn’t a problem for Stanley but with James being that little bit younger he struggled to comprehend this, and kept trying to kneel or stand up. I would recommend staying in the room with younger children while the product is in use to prevent any accidents.

Stanley loved it!

Slime Baff would also be amazing fun if used in the garden when the sun is shining and the paddling pool is out.

Yep, I had a play too #bigkid

Having used a range of Zimplikids products I can honestly say I highly recommend them. They are great entertainment for little ones when used as per the packet instructions but you can also be creative and use the products to create your own sensory messy play sessions. They are budget friendly, pocket money, stocking filler, and unexpected classmate’s birthday party friendly. They are a great and inexpensive way to buy into the current slime (and if you check out their other products…glitter, unicorn and fairy) trends.

However, Zimplikids products get my vote purely for being so easy to clean up – just keep adding water until the mixture thins, dissolves and disappears down the plughole! Most importantly unlike some slime products they are completely safe, Borax free and 100% environmentally friendly.

The products we tried were gifted to us in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

All images are my own.

No dinosaurs were harmed during this activity.

This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to click through and purchase, I may receive a small commission at absolutely no cost to you.

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6 responses to “Snow, Slime and a Stegosaurus!”

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  2. Malin - Sensational Learning with Penguin Avatar

    Lovely review, and great to see your kiddos having good fun with these products! We’ve tried the Slime Baff too, as well as their Gelli Play and some of their other products. They’ve all been good fun, and we’ve especially enjoyed the Gelli Baff! xx #KidsandKreativity

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    1. Dirt, Diggers and Dinosaurs Avatar

      We had a brilliant time trying the different products out, we need to re-stock now! 😂

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  3. Kerry Avatar

    Gelli snow looks like lots of fun! The Dinos seem to be having as much fun as the boys! Thanks for linking up to #KidsandKreativity, hope to see you back next time x

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  4. Tiffany Avatar

    Cute photos. This looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ Interested in doing collabs? xx

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  5. tiredbutcraftymummy Avatar

    We really enjoyed passing slime through bath cups too when we’ve played with Slime Baff. We haven’t tried the snow. That looks like fun too.

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