Banishing The Bottle With Silasip

Meet James, my 23 month old blonde bundle of mischief. James’s favourite things in order of importance are; his bottle, chocolate brioche rolls, fire engines and dinosaurs.


We have tried to wean James from his bottle with little success, it has proved much more difficult this time round as we just haven’t had the luxury of one to one parenting with another two boys in the picture.

That’s not to say we haven’t had some minor success with a cup. He recognises the fact we drink from cups and tries to copy…so far, so good BUT this does require adult supervision. The only way to avoid James having an impromptu bath is to hold the cup for him, and to tip it to just the right angle so that he takes a sip but doesn’t soak himself in the process. James is very independent and will also ‘fight’ us, wanting to hold the cup for himself. But, he is still lacking the hand to eye coordination required to drink without spilling. He gets understandably frustrated and upset because of this.

When I was gifted a pack of Silasip lids to try out, I thought they might be exactly what we were looking for.

Credit: Silasip ©

Silasip stretchy silicone lids are the brainchild of Claire Massingham, who came up with the innovative design when transitioning her own daughter. Gone is the need for various spouts, teats and sippy cup lids. Silasip allows almost any cup, glass or beaker to be made toddler friendly, reducing spills and building their confidence and coordination.

Silasip are made from food grade silicone and are completely BPA free.

Here’s how we got on:

Our first ever try was when we were out for a walk. We had a pitstop for hot chocolate and the café wasn’t really geared towards small children, they didn’t have plastic cups or takeout cups available. Not a problem, I popped a Silasip onto the top of a latté glass (yes, brave I know!!) but James decided he wanted a straw so we compromised.

I’m calling this a win as it was a hot drink, not juice or milk and was in a GLASS!! Not a single drop was spilled and James held the cup himself. Happy days.

We’ve been using the Silasip lids at home at mealtimes, and James has slowly built up his confidence.

Our second ‘out of the house’ attempt was a roaring success. An afternoon at soft play…always a joy, eh?

When we’ve visited before I’ve always taken my own bottle for James and decanted a beaker of juice into it.

Not this time… a Silasip was popped onto the beaker and James was quite happy to sit and enjoy his lunch and juice without needing adult help. More importantly this meant that I actually managed to drink my coffee while it was hot…hurrah!

Overall Silasip lids are extremely handy things to have, especially when you’re out and about. They come in their own little ziplock pouch that is easily popped into your handbag.

Credit: Silasip ©

They are absolutely great for transitioning toddlers from bottles to cups but, if like me you’re conscious of reducing your impact on the environment, they can also be used to replace plastic takeaway lids on your morning coffee.

They are surprisingly stretchy and can be used on a large variety of cups, mugs, beakers and glasses.

Best of all, they are really easy to clean without using special bottle brushes or needing to dismantle a sippy lid or travel mug.

Purchase a pack of two lids here: SILASIP

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