Christmas Craft: Gingerbread Friends by toucanBox


Anyone who knows me in real life will know I love a bit of art and craft, and my boys love getting stuck in with paint, glue, glitter and the like…basically anything that can get messy!

We were sent a festive toucanBox, which was a complete surprise for Stanley when it came through the letter box with his name on. The personalised box gets a huge thumbs up from me as Stanley can recognise his own name and gets so excited when anything is addressed to him.

Credit: toucanBox Β©β„’

We received the Gingerbread Friends limited edition Christmas box which you can get for FREE by clicking HERE. Gingerbread Friends is available up until 14th December.

The age range suggested by toucanBox is 3-8 years. Stanley is 4.

The box contained everything we needed (except for a pair of scissors) to make the gingerbread friend decorations, as well as instructions, an activity book, a Christmas postcard to colour in, and stickers.

It was today that me and Stanley finally got the chance to try out his box while little brothers James & Eli were napping.

Stan donned a Santa hat (compulsory), I put the Christmas songs on (even more compulsory) and off we went. Much hilarity ensued as when I was trying to take some photos for this write up, Stanley obviously thought I was filming him for a YouTube tutorial…the next Blue Peter presenter is in the making! It took him directing 3 ‘sections’ before I could continue. I’ve included one of the videos below for your enjoyment, for the others head on over to my social media.

The instructions were simple to follow and have large diagrams for non-readers like Stanley. I gave him some guidance and he had help with the scissors and glitter glue*, but apart from that he did everything himself.

*there is a small cap on the glitter glue that needs to be removed before use*

This is how he got on…

Firstly Stanley peeled off the backing on the self adhesive small gingerbread template. Then he attached a ribbon loop and after getting it temporarily stuck to his hand and waving it about for a couple of minutes, he stuck it down onto the larger template.

Googly eyes were added (everyone loves googly eyes, right?)

The gold and red glitter glue was used to stick on pom pom buttons, and ribbon decoration.

After a final check of the instructions, glitter glue details were added.

We really enjoyed using the toucanBox and because the box came with two decorations to make, it meant that I could join in and spend some quality time with just Stan. It would be great for siblings too (and great value in that case).

However what made this special for Stanley was the fact it came through the post specifically for him and, admittedly we’ve had to wait a little while for the chance to use it, but it’s so rare nowadays that Stanley gets something to himself without having to share. It was well worth the wait.

Clean up was minimal as everything was provided and didn’t involve getting all our craft kit out, just a few bits to put in the bin. We left the gingerbread decorations to dry using the box as a tray. We had plenty of glitter glue and some ribbon left over which was a bonus.

If you are considering trying a child’s craft subscription box I highly recommend toucanBox and their sister company Mister Maker Club, get your first one on me by clicking HERE. Have fun!

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