The Hullabaloo by Taffy Thomas: A Review

This week I was sent a free children’s book to download, no this wasn’t a perk of blogging…I actually came across a sponsored post on Facebook asking if I’d like a free copy.

I messaged back and the book appeared in my inbox. You’re probably thinking where’s the catch? Well, there isn’t one. Taffy Thomas is a new author who has penned a children’s story and wants it to be read to/by as many children as possible.

©Taffy Thomas and Louise Rabey

If your children are big fans of Julia Donaldson like mine…The Gruffalo, The Gruffalo’s Child and The Stick Man are firm favourites here, then they will love the style and substance of this story.

We 💙 The Gruffalo

I personally find books like this easy to read as the rhyme and rhythm take over and there’s no need for character voices. Voices are something I admit I struggle with, and at my last appraisal with the boss ‘you’re rubbish Mummy’ I’ve been lead to believe it’s an area for self improvement.

Anyway, back to the book…The Hullabaloo is blue in colour and gentle in nature, making him instantly likeable. The story is a heartwarming tale of friendship, bravery and overcoming your fears.

From all of the children, there’s only a few,

Who’ve ever set eyes on The Hullabaloo,

He’s big and he’s bold and he’s tall and he’s blue,

He looks like a bear with the head of a shrew.

He’s also a bit wary of the dark, and isn’t particularly keen on rain and thunder storms BUT loves a bit of tea and cake. I think I’ve found my spirit animal!!


© Taffy Thomas and Louise Rabey

Because (as yet) there’s no published version of The Hullabaloo, this is the first time I’ve read a story to (he of ants in his pants) Stanley without any accompanying illustrations for him to look at. This was only going to go one of two ways, but the story definitely held his attention and (so many!!) questions were asked.

I answered the questions ‘what’s a shrew Mummy’ , asked some back…‘can you think of any other blue animals?’ and we finally made it to the end. At which point I was asked to read it through again.

As I’m a bit tied to the house at the moment due to baby number 3’s imminent arrival, we are going to do some craft activities based on the story, I’ve made a little list of ideas below:

  • Model a PlayDoh Hullabaloo
  • Colour in this Hullabaloo picture:
© Taffy Thomas and Louise Rabey
  • Make a Hullabaloo Mask

And, if anybody can suggest anything Hullabaloo related that involves conkers then please leave a comment…I’ve literally got conkers coming out of my ears!

Let me introduce you to the Author:

©Taffy Thomas

First and foremost I’m a Dad. I have two amazing children (Kaitlin 8 and Cameron 2) who are incredible kids and have inspired me to write stories specifically for little people. We are huge Julia Donaldson fans in our house and I’m sure that shines through in some of my writing!

My family are originally from South Wales – hence I was always called Taffy at school – and even though I was born and raised in Hertfordshire, I’ve always considered myself as honorary-Welsh – and I do love to go back as often as time allows.

From a very early age I’ve always been writing something – poems, limericks, short stories, lyrics, marketing copy, pretty much anything that allows me to get the creative juices flowing. But this is my very first attempt at actually creating something and putting it out there for others to consume. It’s pretty scary and amazing all at the same time!

Taffy x

So in summary, this book has been a complete joy to read. The fact that the author is sending it out free for ALL children to enjoy is such a lovely thing to do, and I’m full of admiration for Taffy and his work ethics.

I have actually found the digital form of this book really exciting, it feels special…almost like a sneak preview, a premier of something that’s bound to be a huge hit!!

Also, not having the distraction of illustrations has meant that Stanley’s imagination has had to work that little bit harder. Encouraging children’s imaginations to run wild is always a good thing in my opinion!

The Hullabaloo is a gentle, rhymic, easy to read book, with loveable characters and an underlying message, the perfect recipe for a classic children’s book.

I highly recommend getting your hands on a copy if you can, you certainly won’t regret it. Just drop Taffy a message on his Facebook and he’ll ping you a copy over. (links below)

In the meantime I’m now following Taffy across his social media platforms, eagerly awaiting the ‘something magical’ he has lined up for October.

©Taffy Thomas

I’ve added links below…go find, go discover, go read!!

Taffy Thomas Facebook

Taffy Thomas Instagram

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