Happiness is…

….my lovely little family all being sat around the dinner table, eating a beef roast dinner and homemade rhubarb and apple crumble.


That is until we started (another) conversation about baby names at which point Stanley had a hilarious opinion on EVERY single suggestion, we had tummyache from laughing and somewhere along the line James got hiccups.

ME: what about Arthur?

STANLEY: nope, that’s a name for people who paint things.

ME: I think you’re getting mixed up with artist, not artist, Arthur!!

JAMES: hiccup.

BEN: Peter?

STANLEY: no that’s a rabbits name, like pizza rabbit.

ME: vitoed, I can’t have a baby pizza!!

BEN: *chokes on his crumble*


ME: Alexander?

BEN: Alex for short, that’s not bad!

STANLEY: that’s a pigs name, baby Alexander off Peppa Pig. He’s the one that cries all the time and doesn’t want to go asleep. A bit like James but he’s a pig. It’s a pigs name. I don’t like it.

JAMES: hiccup

Peppa Pig: Baby Alexander by Ladybird

ME: Ivor?

BEN: Ivor Big’un? *smirks*

STANLEY: *belly laughs* he can’t be a big’un, I’m a big’un because I was the first baby in your tummy mummy. He’s only going to be a tiny baby, you know.

JAMES: hiccup.

BEN: Well, that was productive!!

Me: Yep!!

You see, we have hit a bit of a brick wall with names. Having three of the same gender is no easy task, we’ve used up our choices on the first two and now we’re flailing around trying to find a name we all love that will also be in keeping with the ‘feel’ of our family unit.

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On a positive note we have the middle name sorted, Stanley has Ben’s first name as his middle name (a male traditional within Ben’s family), James has his Grandad’s (my Dad) first name as his middle name. We thought it would tie things up nicely if this one has his other Grandad’s name.

Breaking news…I have got a name in mind that I absolutely love!!

Ben doesn’t hate it, but he doesn’t love it either…so, it’s still a contender. I daren’t run it past Stan… I dread to think what he’d come up with. As I’ve progressed through my pregnancy I have only ever imagined our little boy with this name, so it’s obviously on my mind. The plan is to wear Ben down OR get Stanley to ruin every other name for us so we are only left with this one, which is looking a lot more likely!

Open to name suggestions!