I’m brand spanking new to blogging, it’s something I’ve thought about doing for a while so, I thought I’d give it a bash! This is my first post, brace yourselves this is what you can expect:


  • I’m now a stay at home mum to two boys, this has limited my adult interaction somewhat (and by limit, I mean killed it off completely). So if this (my) little corner of the internet brings about a few more conversations and interaction with actual grown ups then I’m all in!!
  • My brain no longer exists, yes, baby brain is very prominent at the moment but also the endless loop of Peppa Pig, PJ Masks and Hey Duggee has wiped out a fair few brain cells over the last few years too. I’m hoping this might get the cogs whirring again, giving me the space to air the absolute pleasure my babies bring me, day to day gripes, and general musings on this motherhood thing.


  • I might well be a SAHM but we don’t actually ‘stay at home’ often. This is mainly because my boys are like caged baboons if they spend more than one full day in the house (regardless of weather) and resort to running around like possessed beasts destroying the house. Or at least that’s what it feels like. So, this means we get out and about regularly and I have a very limited amount of funds for activities, if you add that to the fact that I am also married to a Yorkshire man then naturally most things we do are FREE but still a lot of fun. We are outdoorsy folk, and usually a bit grubby, muddy or blackberry stained with grazed knees and nettle stings. Believe it or not I used to spend all day in high heels and drive up and down the country and hop on and off planes for work. Now you can mostly find me wearing waterproofs and/or wellies to splash about in puddles. Friends however, tend to comment (nicely, I promise) on the fact I do such a lot with my boys, and my big plan is to share details about what we’ve been getting up to for any of you who sometimes feel at a loss of how to entertain your brood, and are only one more episode of Paw Patrol away from going postal!!
  • You’ll also get to follow me through my third pregnancy, labour, new baby adjustment, and raising 3 boys without any filters…it will be ugly, messy and there will probably (definitely) be gin involved.
  • Photos….I love them, to me they are a snapshot in time and a permanent record of my babies growing up. You have been warned!! I’ll try to reign myself in for the good of this blog and the sanity of anybody lovely enough to follow it. In my defense though, I do have qualifications in photography but due to already being loaded up like a packhorse on our excursions, my ‘big’ camera has been replaced by my phone and I think that’s the way it will stay for the foreseeable future. I’d like to get back into ‘proper’ photography one day, so watch this space.
  • Fashion advice for the 30 something mummy, on Instagram I follow lots of fabulous ladies such as @dresslikeamum @thesilverkat and @clubforty.claire showing that fashion trends and becoming a mum can coincide nicely if you’re willing to put the time, and effort in to find hidden gems on the high street. I’m not…clothes shopping with two kids in tow is hellish and I will do anything to avoid it!! I like to think I have a capsule wardrobe, but realistically it’s made up of things I can get while nipping into Sainsburys, or buy online, navy, denim, pinafores and stripes. Lots of stripes. All the stripes. I love a stripe, preferably in navyJoules Womens/Ladies Z Harbour Breathable Long Sleeve Jersey T Shirt
  • Joules is my go to label of choice as most items fall into my ‘capsule wardrobe’ checklist. I continue to follow the Instagram accounts and live a vicariously fashionable life through their feeds. I also like to dress my boys to their age (they’re still little) and in bright colours where possible…there will be plenty of time for blue, grey, brown and black as they grow older.

And there you have it, I’m sure the general themes will evolve with time but that’s a brief outline of what I’m about, if you’d like to join me on this new adventure then please follow me. _20180807_174918.JPG